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How spies can eavesdrop on your computer without the use of the Internet or a computer virus

Richard Falkenrath, a principal at Chertoff Group and a Bloomberg Television contributing editor, discusses the Stuxnet computer virus. The worm targets Siemens AG software used to control industrial equipment and may be aimed at destroying Iran’s controversial nuclear facility, according to Ralph Langner, a German industrial controls safety expert, the Financial Times reported. Falkenrath, speaking from Washington, talks with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television’s “InsideTrack.”


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Chertoff Group: Israel Cyber-Attacks Iranian Nuke Plant With Stuxnet Computer Virus

This a beginners guide to computer virus removal using free tools available online. The website used in the guide is www.cleanupmypc.us Enjoy!


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Free Computer Virus Removal For Beginners

It’s easy to make. If it shows in full screen then the virus will attack your computer. Please don’t try. It affected my operation System.


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Computer Matrix Virus

I made a post on Facebook explaining to my friends how easy and destructive a virus can be on a computer. This virus has been tested using Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows xp. All producting the same ending result. This by far is a simple virus but you get the point.


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Simple Computer Virus.mp4