Trojan Ecstasy Commercial

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Trojan Ecstasy

Bloc Party playing Trojan Horse off their 2008 album, ‘Intimacy’ for ‘Live & Intimate’. Please note all copyright is with Bloc Party and Wichita Recordings.

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Bloc Party – Trojan Horse, Live & Intimate

Dutch group LUV’ singing Trojan Horse. Original video from nov. 1978. Patty Brard, Marga Scheide en José Hoebee. bagpipe

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Trojan Horse – LUV’ bagpipe nov. 1978

Take a closer look at the fictional story of the Trojan War written by Homer. Was there any truth in the myth? Is it possible that there was an ancient war fought for love? Did Helen really have a face that launched a thousand ships? Watch more Truth of Troy clips with BBC Worldwide here:

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Truth of Troy: Trojan War Story

from the new EPfreddie and the trojan horse i really like this one it sounds really good. -here are the lyrics- Freddie,I know When your time comes it won’t be pretty,no you reap what you sow You and your friends The trojan horse you came in left a stench a carcass in the trench Freddie,one day All of the workers that you led astray Will make you pay Oh,Freddie you should know Can’t punsih people cause your hair won’t grow It’s alright,just let go Freddie,I know You waved a banner at our latest show How so? And why not the expected slander? You made me feel like Zarah Leander Just let us go

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The Radio Dept.-freddie and the trojan horse