Top Antivirus Software. Antivirus software is a very important protection. Your online business is useless if your PC is not protected. The following review.

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this isnt my video but i have this on here because i know how to do everything and make it so if ur not an ass and eave bad comments ill let u kno how itss all done ok everyone look this is how you do this, eventually i will make a tutorial but for now you to do this it does require skill in all of these programs and about an intermediate to an expert in all programs this is not a novice project!!!!!!!!! 1) get after effects 7-Cs3pro, pivot stick figure, photoshop, any editing software, the online game animator vs animation at 1a) play and record ur screen playing animator vs animation for about 1 minute 2) make and take pictures of ur desktop backgrounds 3) than place them into photoshop and make several pictures with the recycling bin tipped and move things around using overlays and layers 4) go to pivot stick figure and create an animation of the stick figure in front of a bright green background 4a) wen ur doin this while animating set the background as the windows background and than later before exporting change it to solid bright green. 5) bring everything into after effects and add effects like paint strokes, flashes, any moving overlay backround and green screen from pivot stick figure 6) export it and bring it into ediditng software and edit it so everything matches up 7) save it and ur done

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