when you work for Microsoft, make sure you don’t get involved with anthropomorphic computer viruses.


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the computer virus

Complete video at: fora.tv Science comedian Brian Malow jokes that a virus is “the ultimate David and Goliath” when compared with humans. He then rattles off a series of science-related jokes. “Schrodinger’s cat walks into a bar, and doesn’t.” —– Brian Malow’s YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com Brian Malow’s blog: www.sciencecomedian.com Brian Malow’s videos for Time Magazine: bit.ly Brian Malow (@sciencecomedian) on Twitter: www.twitter.com Now an accomplished stand-up comic whose career has spanned more than a decade to include performances on CBS, A&E, TechTV, and the Discovery Channel, Brian Malow turns his sharp wit upon his first love: the world of science. Brian entertains and ignites interest in science with hysterical, thought-provoking science comedy routines about the environment, insects and viruses, evolution and extinction, the speed of light, gravity, cell phones, computers — everything under the Sun — and even the Sun itself! Brian makes science funny, exciting and easily digestible for all audiences. Wonderfest, the Bay Area Festival of Science, is held each year in the beginning of November. Enjoy fascinating discussions between world-class scientists on cutting edge topics, as well as other fun exhibitions. Visit Wonderfest.org and join.


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‘A Virus Walks Into a Bar…’ and Other Science Jokes – Brian Malow

Trojan Ecstasy Commercial


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Trojan Ecstasy

A terrifying account of the first virus for the Macintosh is unleashed on and unsuspecting retail store: Beamecho.com Viewer Discretion Advised.


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Macintosh Virus Discovered

Microsoft and Yahoo trade nasty punchlines in the Search Engine Rap Battle. searchenginerapbattle.com There are three separate battles MSN vs Google, Google vs Yahoo, and MSN vs Yahoo. Produced by Beau Lewis, Peter Furia and David Fine. Directed by David Fine. Created by Seedwell. ————— LYRICS: MSN: You aint intellectual, I own all the property your whole board walks, while I win at this monopoly I serve the world. you should ask ya momma cuz Bill Gates might have been your real founding father I’m blowin up, without the VC, Remember it was me who invented the PC Your just an upstart – you think you got smarts? But I’m the V12, you’re just the spare parts Check out the stash – the dirty leg-chaps, You’d think he would be cleaner, with all that Ajax Your styles innappropriate, sites even more so Yahoo Hot Jobs sounds like a porno Yahoo: Your users got questions – Yahoo’s got answers You look like a blue-man group back-up dancer You can’t fly, your design is so heavy, The only hotmail you got is when Ballmer gets sweaty Youre so old and slow, youre behind the times Your stock hasnt gone up since 99 You must wanna get hurt, huh MSN? Your name’s an acronym, for SNM Are you MSN search? Or MSN Live? It takes more than changing your name to survive I’m the best in the West, get it straight, ya see 40 billion couldnt buy you a date with me


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MSN vs YAHOO – Search Engine Rap Battle